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Who are these people? They evolved from doodles, they gained life through accumulation, and now they are...The Ming Team!
Character Profiles

Avi Once, this slender girl with an obsession with Death... the person, not The End... was simply a normal, slightly maladjusted teenager like any other. Being sucked into the Ming World meant that she had a chance to be the real Death, as she was hired for the position by the Chief of All The Gods. Also has an inability to find an item of underwear that is not frilly, despite extensive shopping.

Sqoo With her long, long hair, this slightly daft teenager is turned into her dream-come-true upon entering the Ming World: a Magic Girl, complete with Wand. However, she does not have full control over her powers. She likes Bishounen and Spiky Weapons, as well being the only person who cares for the Ming Fairy. Dislikes her short skirt.

Taro The most responsible of the group, Taro was merely a half-Japanese student until entering the Ming World, where his biology became more elf-like, although other than his ears, no other changes are apparent. He carries a sword which he is capable of using when provoked, and delights in scoring points off of Shawn in their never-ending discussions regarding Shawn's sexuality. He is not alone in this. Likes Beer, dislikes his ears, his sword, his clothing, and, in fact, anything to do with the Ming World.

Shawn A tall, Bishounen student until he entered the Ming World, Shawn has had his eyes on Avi for a long time, but is constantly held back by everyone being absolutely convinced that he prefers other guys- not entirely without proof. The transition left him sharing a skin with a smaller version of Barney the Purple Dinosaur, essentially locked into a costume. Often gets all the bad luck. He likes Plushies, (possibly the origin of his unique change) Avi, and his two wishes are to escape from his costume and that the world would be kinder to him.

Ed Existing almost entirely on a diet of computer games, Ed also manages to find time to run his 'Sidekick Sanctuary', a place where abused and hated sidekicks go to live out their days. A tall, Bishounen young man, Steve wears dog-tags, although he has never been in the army. Likes small, cute, defenseless animals and Sqoo, once they meet.

The Ming Fairy Loathed by Avi, Shawn and Taro, the Ming Fairy was introduced to the comic when Tokyo was mentioned, possibly as a precursor to the gang's transition into the Ming World. She doggedly followed them everywhere, even though Sqoo was the only person who didn't actively hate her. Dresses in a tiny purple costume with wings, and has a tiny wand. Can only say one thing: Ming.
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